Netherlands Embassy in Budapest, Hungary


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1 Embassy pays its condolences

The Dutch Embassy in Budapest would like to pay its condolences to the family members and friends of the victims of the horrible bus crash in Italy. Our thoughts are with the relatives, the schools and all others with whom we share this grief.

2 Press release Circular Economy Conference - Sustainable Flow Management in Agriculture

In December 2016 the Embassy of the Netherlands continued its successful conference series on circular economy. During the second event the main subject was sustainable agriculture. In his openings speech, Ambassador Gajus Scheltema stressed that the transition from a linear to a circular economy will be one of the greatest challenges of the 21st century. He added that this can only be accomplished with joined forces, because of the complex effect on ecosystems and macro-economic considerations. Even though the Netherlands may be considered a pioneer in introducing the mindset and innovative applications of a circular economy, a real breakthrough will only be achieved with the help of EU partners, both on a governmental and corporate level. Ambassador Scheltema concluded his speech hoping that “this will be the beginning of a beautiful friendship”, quoting the famous words of Casablanca movie.

3 Economic Newsletter by the Dutch Embassy in Budapest

The embassy regularly issues an overview of trends and news items on business in Hungary and the presence of Dutch companies.

4 Business lunch with keynote speaker prof. Jan Peter Balkenende

‘We have to stop talking and start walking.’ – with this provocative beginning, Jan Peter Balkenende, former prime minister of the Netherlands, delivered his successful speech about climate change at Business Council for Sustainable Development in Hungary’s business lunch organised for business leaders on November 17th.

6 Response Dutch PM Rutte on first results criminal investigation MH17

This morning the families of the victims of the MH17 disaster were briefed by the Joint Investigation Team on the initial findings of the criminal investigation into the downing of flight MH17. These findings concern the weapon used to down flight MH17, the location from which it was fired and the Buk missile system’s route of transport.

7 One Day devoted to Circular Economy

Developing circular economy is one of the priorities of the Netherlands EU Presidency. In order to promote the concept on 26 May, the Embassy of the Netherlands in Hungary organised a one-day conference together with four Hungarian partner organisations. The aim of this event was to share the latest innovative Dutch experiences with Hungarian companies, public authorities and decision makers on waste management, product development, production, consumption, recycling and regional cooperation.

8 Dutch companies sponsor King`s Day reception

As the Netherlands is the third largest foreign investor in Hungary, many Dutch companies operate successfully in Hungary.

9 Advisory referendum – reaction Dutch government

On 6 april 2016 an advisory referendum was held in the Netherlands on the EU-association agreement with Ukraine. The preliminary outcome shows that the required threshold for a valid outcome of a turn-out of 30% or more was reached, with a clear victory for the people who voted against.

10 Brussels attacks: Netherlands stands side by side with Belgium

Following a number of attacks in Brussels on Tuesday morning, Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Minister of Foreign Affairs Bert Koenders have been in contact with their Belgian colleagues.